Cairns Urology Prostate Cryotherapy performed at
Cairns Urology by
Dr Neil S. I. Gordon.


About Dr Neil Gordon

Dr Neil S. I. Gordon - UrologistDr Neil Gordon is a practising Urologist in Cairns, Australia. He trained in Urology at the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Scotland and in Adelaide and Melbourne in Australia.

Dr Gordon is a pioneer in Urology in Australia. He was the first Urologist in Australia to carry out Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy in a regional city, established the first Day Surgery Lithotripsy centre and was the first in Australia to perform Transurethral Resection of Prostate in a Day Surgery centre. For the past decade this has been a routine procedure.

Dr Gordon has introduced Cryotherapy for treatment of Prostate Cancer in Cairns and is the second Urologist in Australia to routinely be able to offer that treatment option to patients for their condition.

Dr Gordon has been published in the Journal of Urology, British Journal of Urology, The Australia & New Zealand Journal of Surgery and the Medical Journal of Australia.

He recently published a book titled "Common Sense Urology" which came about as a result of numerous letters and telephone calls to the author from Junior Doctors, Medical Students and Nurses regarding Urological patients in their care. They all expressed a clear desire for further medical knowledge about the approach to the investigation, diagnosis, and management of their patients’ Urological conditions.

Just as "Common Sense Urology" takes the Student/Junior Doctor through the process of history taking, examination and presentation on to investigation and management of the majority of common Urological condition enabling the readers to develop an understanding of the subject and confidence in assisting in the care of their patients so does Dr. Gordon’s philosophy reflect this approach.

It has always been Dr. Gordon’s philosophy to seek out and apply theoretical knowledge in a logical and simplified manner and apply practical experience to manage problems on the basis of successful, evidence-based results. The motto of his practice is:

Fiat lux cognitiae trans aquam; hinc sanitas.
Let there be the light of knowledge across the water; from here, health.